The domain


The wine estate Château Pique-Sègue is of great beauty, made of hills and valleys that extend right to Dordogne. Entering this land is a sensorial odyssey.

This domain has a proud history that is more than 700 years old in the heart of the Libournais. The wine yard was already known as being the one producing the best “crus” of Montravel and Bergerac. The Archbishop of Bordeaux identified the domain for the first time during the 14th century. These strong historical roots then represent the early history of the vineyard rise. By the end of the 19th century, Château Pique-Sègue will be considered as “one of the best wine-growing holding of the area” according to the Féret guide.

When Henri IV stopped here when signing the treaty of Fleix, he watered his horse at the source of Pique-Sègue. Nowadays, the pilgrims of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle cross this land.

Located between Saint-Emilion and Bergerac, the domain extends over the hills of Libournais over more than 200 hectares (400 acres) including 70 hectares (140 acres) of plantations but also including a Limousin cattle herd meant for HBL breeding purposes with high genetic values.

Among the Montravel terroir characteristics, the ground is definitely a remarkable one as it is first a clay-limestone soil with occasional flint. This high altitude region with the Ponchapt  calcareous soil offers thanks to its south orientated slopes a great natural drainage.

Château Pique-Sègue is also a warm human family story.

When Philip and Marianne Mallard open the doors of the ‘Château’ you are instantly plunged into a wonderful voyage, in the heart of a passion that has held a family for more than a quarter of a century.

Time is a quality you cannot disregard when it comes to traditions and soil rooted values.

Philip and Marianne know this very well and it shows in each of their products.

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